My experience with massage and right foot bone alignment.

It is possible to modify and heal the body by awakening the cells by informing them through a specific technical movement. The cell informs the mind that observes the psychomotor change, observes the distance from the center. When we move away from our inner center / spirit we go to suffering, instead, awakening cellular memory, we can reactivate authentic authentic processes by directing our direction back to the center.

Distortion or pain comes in keeping bad mental attitudes. A distorted and conditioned mind and …. in opposition to the change and the creation of the soul in the body’s experience.
Mind, thought, distortion equal the self-distortion of the corresponding point.

Bone alignment.

To make this happen, in addition to the therapist’s massages, they need auto-massages in time, constant and continuous. As long as one person thinks they stop or continue to the utmost perfection in the articulation and proper psychophysical emotional movement.
Result: balance of the distorted part in mind coordination, greater energy in the body, lightness in the actions, relief of pain.