“The quality of life of a person depends primarily on his diet, his activity or exercise, and sleep or rest.

To live the man needs space, air, heat, water and food and love”

Our diet

The taste experience and memories that the food brings with it. We mean memories as information that is transmitted to our body, as each substance is intimately tied to the land where it is cultivated, to whom it manipulates (farmer and cook) to its quality and effects on our body.

“The life of all beings is food and the whole world is looking for food. Complexion, lucidity, beautiful voice, longevity, ability to understand, satisfaction, strength, and intelligence rely on food. Everything that promotes happiness and all the actions that lead to spiritual salvation are based on food”


Our is a vegetarian diet that follows the natural cycle of seasons by integrating local foods that are best suited to the constitution, to pacify it, to foster the correct balance of digestive energy and body harmony.

The queens of our table are the spices .. with twenty years of experience in their use .. Each spice can be of great help to our psychophysical well-being: cinnamon, long pepper, curcuma, curry leaves, hay greek, star anise, fennel, nails Carrots, bay leaves, sage, rosemary, ginger, basil, dill, curry, cardamom, cumin, coriander, mint, oregano, saffron, mustard seeds, licorice, tarragon .. are just some of the best known spices with quality and diversified benefits.

Leader in the journey of taste..

Traditional local and international, genuine, simple recipes, aimed at nourishing healthy, detoxifying, making the mind more lucid through wild plants and organic raw materials with all their active ingredients directly from our Synergy vegetable Garden cultivated and cared for with famous microorganisms E.M.

Eat together!