The Time of the Dream
… in harmonic time

Massages in the garden of olives

Maurizio Pisanu

Massage for energy breaks, Joint, tendon, muscle, hernias, and lumbago.
Tuina, Ancient Chinese art. Plant Reflexology
Abahagyam, Relaxing and lymphatic drainage improves circulation
Shirodara, Healing for the skin and pacifying (the) mind. The person’s balance.
Group meditations, energy recovery. Singing, Dancing,…and Music.

For any curiosity about it, it is possible to delu – gate everything with a personal session.

Sinergy with plants

We discover together the perfume and the fruits that mother nature gives us. By concreting all this together with authentic seed and dedicating ourselves to growth, the plants give us with unclad love the nourishment we need in our present.

The sinergic garden

Small and large otians
we grow!

We organize activities to learn to self-cultivate and use vegetable and herbs for both table and personal care.
Realizing a cultivation plant corresponding to a harmonic logistic design, according to the principles of Dr. Rudolf Steiner, founder of biodynamic agriculture thinking. Using the Fucuoca or Organic method, it is possible to obtain in a natural way a high production both in quality and quantity.

This revolutionary form of horticulture believes in the importance of succession of plants and their proximity. It therefore attaches great importance to the consortium, which allows us to occupy space better and to exploit it to the maximum, making the soil more covered, productive and less subject to the development of spontaneous herbs. Harvesting then foresees never to eradicate it in order to let the roots decompose in the soil.

Synergic agriculture is based on the principle of “living without destroying” and refuses the use of herbicides and pesticides. To control animal species and insects harmful to crops, therefore, practice natural control strategies, which seek to create favorable environmental conditions for all those species that keep those harmful.

Finally, there are also some natural finds that allow to increase the resistance of crops to disease and the attack of harmful bugs mint decoction as an anti-ants repellent, decoction of onion skins to fight mites and prevent fungal diseases , Or nettle macerated to remove insects.